CLOT Magazine is an online publishing platform dedicated to art and science explorations. The aim is to collect, display, broadcast and promote the crossover of Art, Science and Technology.

At CLOT Magazine they feature developing and transgressive art movements by studying their creators and their lines of work, seeking trends and publishing compelling conversations with talented and inspiring innovators.

CLOT Magazine is divided into five sections: Interviews (with established artists, thinkers, curators and emerging artists/creators), Opinion & Editorial (articles where thinkers and contributors share their ideas), Series (collections of articles around CLOT Magazine’s partners and collaborations), Audio & Visual (the CLOTcasts series and short films on visual and digital culture) and News (short pieces about interesting events and other relevant information around CLOT Magazine’s universe) .

Recently, CLOT Magazine has presented and present a series of online conversations between artists and curators across the western and eastern worlds in colaboration with the platform so-far wich is an editorial platform dedicate to the crossover of art with science and technology, disciplines which are becoming
closer and more intertwined than ever. Based in Singapore and London both platforms offer a critical portrait of the artistic, social and cultural views of the current times. With this series of conversations, they aim to promote the debate between two different sides of artistic and cultural realities, highlighting in these complex times the need, more than ever, for closeness and open dialogue.

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