Spanish film Klaus received the BAFTA Award for Best Animated film of the year. Written and directed by Sergio Pablos, Klaus is an internationally celebrated film that has been received with enthusiasm by audiences of all ages.

Klaus tells the story of Jesper, a postman who has to travel to a remote island in the artic were he has to meet a hazardous task: to deliver 6000 letters before the end of the year. There he meets Klaus, a mysterious craftsman and Alva, the former teacher of the island’s school. With the help of his new friends, and a little bit of magic, Jesper will fall into an unexpected adventure to discover how the power of generosity can change a city forever.

The BAFTA Awards celebrated their 73rd edition with over 25 categories that recognize multiple forms of film making. Along with Klaus, Spanish film Pain and Glory by director Pedro Almodóvar was also nominated in several categories.