The Chair of ‘Museo Nacional del Prado’ has organized an interesting project, counting on professionals of recognised prestige which will develop their own project closely related to the Prado collections, the artists represented in or the history of the Museum itself. It consists of four lectures aimed at specialized public and a general audience, which will be published by the Museo Nacional del Prado.

Starting from the idea of itinerant critique in the manner of the “Salons” of Diderot, Baudelaire, etc., and from the travel books and observation of Stendhal’s painting, these projects proposes a sequence of approaches to the Prado Museum that will have as a common thread both the historicity of the images themselves, as well as their way of being perceived: coming from very different places and origins, endowed with different specific functions, almost never purely aesthetic – devotional, votive, propagandistic, of secret enjoyment, etc. – the works are unified for the public in the neutral and common space of the museum rooms.

On the occasion of the Museum’s Bicentenary and because of the great interest aroused in all art lovers and followers of the writer Antonio Muñoz Molina, holder of the current Chair, the conferences will be streamed live on Thursday 7, 14, 21 and 28 November from 7:00pm to 8.00pm. The broadcast can be followed from the Prado Museum’s YouTube Channel (link) and from the Museum’s website (link).

The Prado Chair is sponsored by the Notariado Foundation.

To further information, you can visit is page.