Promoting the international presence of Spanish creators, professionals and artists is one of the strategic courses of action of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). This support for the Spanish cultural sector, both in the different fields of culture and in the new modes of production and distribution of the creative industries, is implemented through the  Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) with the aim of enhancing its presence abroad, with AC/E acting as facilitator.

The programme gives priority to the proposals that are least consolidated in the creative sector, most in need of boosting their presence abroad, and characterised by reflecting most closely the contemporaneity, creativity and plurality of Spanish culture today.

The PICE is structured into two lines of support:

  • Grants for visitors belonging to benchmark foreign cultural organisations, both public and private. These visits allow international agents, influencers and planners from different areas of culture to gain first-hand knowledge, in Spain, of what the country has to offer in their sector, in order to be able to incorporate it into their projects. Candidates can be proposed by Spanish public institutions.
  • Mobility grants that allow foreign cultural organisations and institutions to include Spanish artists, professionals or creators in their projects, activities and programmes by receiving an economic incentive for this purpose. Candidates can be proposed by Foreign institutions.

Both types of award are granted under a system of joint financing with the beneficiary organisations and are designed to be complementary and coordinated.

In 2021 AC/E maintains these two lines of support but they have improved them to offer an even more transparent, objective and efficient Programme: No date restrictions to submit applications, improved selection process, expansion of the support to new types of projects, and incrementation of expenditure items and budgetary limits.

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