The current health crisis is posing a major social, logistical and scientific challenge, so it is important to bring together scientists, international relations and global health experts to discuss the post-pandemic future. 

To this end, SciTech Diplohub and the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) are organising 3 free online conferences on different important issues that science diplomacy can address. 

These conferences will be attended by leading world experts and will take place on 27 May, 3 and 10 June

How can science diplomacy empower international collaboration in the context of post-pandemic climate change? Discover more about Environmental Science Diplomacy and the Covid-19 aftermath!

How can science diplomacy support the global governance of Genome Editing? Discover pivotal discussions around the disrupting potential of Genome Editing and international cooperating in the Covid-19 aftermath!

How does science diplomacy mature in the Global South? Discover important insights from developing countries on the challenges and opportunities emanating from science diplomacy in the Covid-19 aftermath!

For more information on the lecture series and to register for the events click here: