Credit to The Met

Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco are both Spanish pianists based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Prize winners at national and international competitions, they have performed in several countries like: Hungary, Germany, France, Spain and The Netherlands. As a duo, the most relevant performances took place at the Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, at the Concertgebouw-Spiegelzaal in Amsterdam, being broadcasted live by NPO Radio 4, and at Geelvinck Muziek Museum in Zutphen.

Spanish Impressions and Landscapes is the name of their latest work as a duo. They define it as an ode to the Hispanic roots seen from the poetic and subtle prism of the French and Russian character. A poetic singing to the popular and to the origin.

Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco will present their beautiful programme for piano 4 hands Spanish Impressions and Landscapes in different venues in the following year, including London.

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